KSP owner and CEO, Kyle Sampson has been working in the entertainment, music, and events industry for over 15 years. He has a wide range of industry insight, experience, and knowledge, and he has contacts throughout the industry that are experts in their field and are located around the world. His connections have been made over years of networking and collaborating and have proven to be an invaluable tool that Kyle can draw on when needed.

 Kyle’s determination and tenacity to get his foot in the door from a young age is what has allowed him to gain such a diverse resume of experience. Kyle has lived by two mottos’:

  • Always ask the question, the worst you can be told is no.
  • Always say ‘yes’ – the positive experiences you’ll be provided are worth it!

Living by those two rules, mixed with his drive and passion for the industry, Kyle has built a solid foundation that he continues to grow off as he continues to try new things.


Okay… Kyle Sampson Productions is not as much ‘we’ and is really just one employee, Kyle Sampson. However, we have a tremendous and award winning team of skilled and experienced contractors that we work with on a regular basis and can bring onboard with any and every project or event we’re working on as necessary.

Kyle has experience in providing or supporting professional services in event development and management, concert/festival/tour promotion, production, and management, marketing and branding, communications and public relations, and more.

Kyle is most proud of his work in varying capacities with nearly 100 unique artists, many of which are world renowned and globally recognized such as: KISS, Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, Shania Twain, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, and many many others.


KSP is experienced providing or supporting professional services in the following areas:
  • Public Relations, Communications, Media Relations, and Corporate Affairs
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing and Advertising Strategy
  • Political Campaign Management and Strategy
  • Developing & Managing events of all sizes, scales, and types. We have experience in complete start to finish management of your event needs or we can support as little as one component of your event. Our event experience includes:
    • Concerts / Tours
    • Music Festivals
    • Charity Fundraisers
    • Galas and Formal Events
    • Trade Shows
    • Community Events (indoor & outdoor)
    • Food Festivals (Ribfest’s, etc.)
    • And more…
  • Entertainment Tour Services. Kyle has vast experience in a wide range of concert and touring services including:
    • Tour Management
    • Production Management / Production Assistant
    • VIP / Meet & Greet Management
    • Artist Liaison
    • Security Management
    • Venue Management
    • Lighting Operator / Tech
    • Camera Operator
    • Some Audio Mixing
    • Concert Photography
  • Event Promoter. Kyle continues to independently or co-promote shows, tours and events of varying size and scale. KSP is open and interested in discussing any opportunity to co-promote with established promoters, venues, or investors.
  • Live Television Events. KSP has experience in start to finish creation, development, production, and even hosting of live television features or ‘specials’. Our experience has been focused in charitable fundraising, entertainment/arts focused specials, as well as hosting other non-for-profit specials.
  • And more…

Kyle's experience is eclectic and well rounded. Being based in Prince George, Kyle learned early the importance of diversifying his skillset beyond his immediate focus of concert-based entertainment, to include a wider range of his passions and interests.

A market the size of Prince George often doesn’t have as many professional consulting or contracting services in the areas Kyle has become specialized in. This has given Kyle the opportunity to hone those skills in a local level, and his connections globally have allowed him to take those skills and test them on a larger scale across North America and around the world.

Kyle continues to seek further experience, training, and mentorship from others who have more or different experience than him, and he continues to learn and apply new things to the work he does.

We are interest in working with you on your next project, business endeavour, campaign, event, or tour!
Please reach out to discuss:
  • Any consulting, contracting, or partnership opportunities
  • Co-Promote opportunities for tours, festivals, or one-off events
  • Entertainment tour service contracting or consulting
  • Other opportunities you believe our background and skillset can help you or your business